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22+1 smart ways to change your eating habits

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Well, you have chosen one of the popular weight loss supplements. This, this or that, and waiting for amazing and immediate results without any crash diets and fitness feats.

Yeah, we all know there’s no magic bullet when it comes to weight loss, but the hope of quick and easy results is so attractive. That’s why we asked our nutrition experts to come up with a guide of ridiculously easy tweaks that will help you kick start your weight loss journey without stress, and feel healthier happier. It’s really easy!

First, a small quiz!

Just imagine you go to the coffee shop for your morning cup of buzz. What exactly will you order? Moka, Cappuccino with caramel syrup, Latte with mint syrup or coffee with extra cream? The smart choice here is cappuccino with - very important! - low-fat milk without sugar. These tiny changes in your eating routine can work better than a strict and stressful diet. We have 22 more ideas to inspire you on your weight loss journey.

1. Swap out ground beef with ground turkey instead. It’s a far more lean source of protein and can easily be used to prepare burgers, meat balls.  Try also venison. It’s a much leaner source of red meat that will still provide you with all the main nutrients that you need – zinc, vitamin B6, as well as iron.

2. Start each meal with a soup. Those who consume a broth based soup at the start of their meal tend to consume fewer calories overall throughout the remainder of that meal. Just be sure to avoid any cream based soups as they are too high in total calories.

3. Stay away from ordering dessert while dining out in a restaurant. No matter what dessert you order, you’ll always be taking in at least 500 calories or more – and quickly destroying your diet plan.

4. Always opt for tomato based sauce over cream sauces, which are notorious for being way too high in fat and calories to be consuming daily.

5. Rather than eating regular potatoes, which will spike blood glucose and may set you up for fat gain, consider sweet potatoes instead. They have a delicious sweet taste that you will love and are going to rank lower on the GI index than regular potatoes would. Make fries, mashed potatoes, or whatever else you prefer with them.

6. Be care of high calorie condiments. Most people don’t think about the calorie value of the condiments they choose to use on their diet plan, but they can really add up. Always aim to use herbs and spices whenever possible to keep your total calorie intake in check.  Or consider simply adding garlic to your dish. This is a heart-health herb and will definitely pack in a high dose of flavor that you will be sure to enjoy.

7. Choose beans over pasta. Beans are higher in dietary fiber and will break down and digest more slowly in the body, providing a steady energy release over time. With so many different bean options to choose from, there’s bound to be one that you will enjoy. Make a soup or a bean salad and get an instant boost to your energy level while helping reach your fat loss goals.

8. Use avocado rather than mayo. Avocado is an often forgotten about source of fat but it’s rich in nutrients and will serve your body very well. Use it rather than mayonnaise more often for optimal nutrition and satisfaction. It’ll still provide the creamy taste you’re after, so is the perfect pi

9.  Avoid diet soda most of the time. While this beverage might be calorie free, the problem is that it can still trigger food cravings for something sweet, so could cause you to eat foods you shouldn’t. Opt for seltzer water with a lemon instead. 

10. Snack on an apple. There’s a certain type of fiber in an apple – pectin, which does a better job at controlling your hunger than other fiber varieties, making apples a perfect choice for maximum hunger control.

11. When dining out, consider sharing your entree with a friend. Most restaurant meals are far too high in calories, so the best way to avoid fat gain is to simply eat half of what’s served up.

12. Go for walnuts. Walnuts are also a better choice over other nuts for a quick snack on the go as they contain a powerful dose of omega fats, while other nuts don’t. They are more calorie dense however, so just do be sure that you monitor your serving size.

13. Opt for raspberries as a mid-afternoon snack. Raspberries are higher in dietary fiber than other fruits so will calm hunger pains quickly and are also low in sugar content. Eat these with Greek yogurt and a few almonds for a very well balanced snack.  Or go for cherries. They’re loaded with nutrients and are a high fiber way to keep yourself satisfied throughout the day.

14. Go for fresh fruit rather than dried fruit. While dried fruit does still contain a good dose of nutrients the problem with it is the fact that it’s very calorie dense and lacks the fiber fresh fruit provides. You’ll take in far fewer calories opting for fresh fruit and will feel much more satisfied after your meal as well.

15. Go for protein before bed. Keeping away from carbohydrates will help to prevent a rebound blood sugar low halfway through the night, causing you to wake up hungry. Protein instead keeps you on an even keel so that you sleep peacefully for your full 8 hours.

16. Snack on frozen grapes, not ice cream. If you want a cool treat on a hot day, try some frozen grapes rather than your favorite brand of ice cream. They’re low in calories, they take a long time to eat, and they are rich in antioxidants as well.

17. Don’t shun healthy fats. Far too many people think they have to eat a very low fat diet to lose weight but doing so may actually hinder you because you’ll be far hungrier throughout the day. Instead, add some healthy fats in – in moderation. 5-10 grams per meal is all you need to calm your hunger pains.

18. Go Greek! Rather than eating the plain yogurt variety, consider Greek yogurt more often. This yogurt is going to help provide more protein to your diet and far less sugar, meaning it’s less likely to get converted into body fat storage.  Just be sure to choose the unsweetened, unflavored varieties to keep sugar content down.

19. Eat one piece of dark chocolate a day. While it does contain some sugar, if you choose the dark variety the sugar content is quite low and it will offer some healthy fats, antioxidants, and even some dietary fiber as well. Not to mention it’s a treat that will make sticking with your diet that much easier. 

20. Make mashed cauliflower. Mashed potatoes are one of the higher calorie side dishes you could be eating so instead, opt for mashed cauliflower. It will taste very similar but contain just a fraction of the carbohydrates and calories – and contain more nutrients as well.

21. Plan ahead. Make sure that you plan your day’s meals well in advance as often as possible. This way there will be no question as to what you should be eating and you’ll be more inclined to eat as you had planned. Those who leave their diet up to chance are often going to find that chances do not work in their favor. It takes 10 minutes on Sunday evening to plan your meals for the week ahead, so commit to doing this.

22. When doing out to a party or event where food will be served, be sure to have a light meal consisting of protein first. This will help take the edge off your hunger and make sure that you are not going to overeat when you are at the event. Then be sure to hold a glass of water at all times so that you’re less likely to be putting food into your mouth.


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