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Feeling 18, looking 25, being 37. How a tiny molecule can prevent aging easily

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Forever young, I wanna be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? Then check how to prevent aging easily

Sorry, I can’t see you on Wednesday, dear. I need to discuss the questions of aging with my physio,” – said one of my schoolmates when she was 25. And it did not seem weird at all. During youth you should already be thinking about aging and include these thoughts to your everyday routine. Go on reading through our Potent Guide to Anti-Aging to find out how you can contribute to your health now to prevent aging.

 Not 25 any more

Work all day, party all night, study, take a sandwich and go to meet friends – when we are young we can keep these rhythms easily. But the older we get the more difficult it is to recover. Stress and the wrong life choices speeds this process up (we all know that lack of sleep, physical activity, and fresh air does not make us healthier either).

Health and youth were always considered to go hand-in-hand. When we were children, we felt healthy without long sessions at the physiotherapist and tons of medications and cures. When we are getting older our body gets into the natural phase of aging and needs special treatment. Besides an incorrect and stressful daily routine, one of the greatest villains for our bodies are free radicals. When the concentration of free radicals exceeds the concentration of antioxidants, it provokes oxidative stress[1] which can cause atherosclerosis, inflammatory conditions, and certain cancers, while also accelerating the process of aging.

[1] US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

What can I do to prevent aging?

It’s essential to take measures long before you’re actually old. Include healthy habits in your everyday routine (like walking before going to sleep or going to the gym). And of course, fill your body with a sufficient amount of various nutrients!

A magic pill: the totally new concept in anti-aging – Resveratrol

Although no one has discovered a magic pill to prevent aging yet, one molecule has recently been considered to help anti-aging. It has been known for a while that antioxidants have a great power in preventing aging by eliminating free radicals. Taking food and drink rich in antioxidants can significantly reduce the number of free radicals. This includes, for example, acai berries, pomegranate and green coffee. But now something absolutely new has been found – a super potent antioxidant of Resveratrol.

How it works

Scientists believe that Resveratrol activates sirtuins – genes that produce enzymes. There are 7 different types of sirtuins, but the latest studies have shown that in particular, the SIRT1 may play an important role in cellular aging. When SIRT1 genes are activated and produce more sirtuin-1, several parameters of the cells’ aging process are affected in a positive way. The activation of SIRT1 may be a key to “slow the clock” of the aging cells.

So overall, Resveratrol:

  • Works to Promote Immune System & Longevity
  • Helps to Boost Cardiovascular Health & Brain Function
  • Serves as a Potent Antioxidant & Anti-Aging Supporter

How can I get Resveratrol?

Have you heard about the French paradox? The observations have shown that although French people often eat a lot of fatty foods, they have low incidences of heart disease.

The secret of their health is finally revealed – it’s all up to Resveratrol. It is found in high concentrations in red grape’s skin. While drinking red wine during their lives French people have a high level of antioxidant protection.

However, Resveratrol in red wine is not the best source (1 mg in a glass). It’s also found in blueberries (0.383 mg per 100g), fresh red grapes (0.24 – 1 mg per 100 g), dark chocolate (0.035 mg per 100 g), raw peanuts (1.12 mg in 100 g) and in a plant called Poligonym Cuspidatum.

Even though wine is one of the best resveratrol sources, it pales in comparison to the amounts that supplements contain. Taking Resveratrol in a form of supplement is much more effective as you get it in a concentrated form (1150 mg of active ingredients per serving) and because of a higher absorption rate, as it gets to the blood directly without the long digestive process.

Our Potent Organics Resveratrol is served in veggie capsules and is also complemented by such powerful ingredients as Moringa Oliefera, Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Acai Fruit, Grape Seed and Green Coffee Extracts. It’s also powered by 150 mg of Vitamin C which is a Great Booster for our immune system.

How can I make living healthier an everyday habit?

We in Potent Organics created the easiest way for you. Start with little – take Potent Organics Resveratrol every day. Taking 2 pills does not take time or effort. You can also always take it with you. There is no need to schedule some specific time for this or change your diet by making crazy smoothies or working out two hours at the gym. Start by taking 2 veggie capsules per day (a recommended dosage) with food, drinking it with 8 oz of water. Along with taking Resveratrol, add 1 healthy habit to your daily routine. Make a schedule of healthy habits for one week – one per day – and follow it carefully. At the end of the week, you will understand that you feel much better than at the beginning.

Start living healthier today

Follow the link to get your pure and organic anti-aging Resveratrol, and start your journey to a healthier life right now!

Get organic Resveratrol 

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