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Living a toxin-free life

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My toxin-free life started two years ago. I was a competitive gymnast for a very long time. I was taken out because of an injury and I had terrible reactions to all medicine so I focused on living holistically and naturally to help myself heal the best I could.  Then I also ended up with a terrible relationship with food which was partly because of the highly competitive nature of gymnastics so I worked on healing my relationship with food as well. When I became set on freeing myself from that burden, I realized the only way to do it was to detoxify every aspect of my life. Which is why I have now fallen in love with eating and living healthy and just genuinely loving life. And now I am going to share how to start living a non-toxic life with you!

Identifying Toxins

Over time, I learned that living toxin free means being aware of everything that can be toxic and understanding how to cut those things out of your life.  To do that you must know the three main aspects of life that contain many hidden toxins.

  • The environment
  • The food you eat
  • And sometimes even the other people in your life

Let’s start from the most crucial point.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you pollution is everywhere.  When I walk down a busy sidewalk, I breath in air filled with exhaust and cigarette smoke. Just by doing that, my cells are being oxidized and thus aging.  Similarly, I used to not think much about the water I swim in. Water with unseen oil and debris or chlorine floating in it that hurts your physical body. Using plastic bags and bottles containing chemicals that can alter hormones.

I never used to bat an eyelash at any of these things.  Before, it never occurred to me that pollution in nature could be the reason for my headache or for that annoying pimple.  Which is why I urge you to be aware that inside or out, there are toxins that can hurt you before you even know they exist.


Before when I went to the grocery store I, like many other people, only looked at the nutrition facts.  If the package said healthy and the number looked good to me, in the cart it went. Then, when I jumped on the toxin free train, I realized how bad this common habit was for my health.

Nutrition facts are great, but the truth lies in the ingredient list.  That little list often is filled with artificial flavors and preservatives added to processed foods.  Just cutting junk food out of our diets doesn’t make our lives toxin free either. And guess what! Artificial is a synonym for fake. Your body isn’t fake.  It is beautiful and vibrant and full of life. Fuel it with that in mind.  With fruits and vegetables that are vibrantly filled with vitamins. Fake food is toxic, whole foods are not.


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Did you know that relationships can also be a source of toxins? In my experience, the hardest toxin to overcome was a toxic relationship. I had a friendship with someone and we knew each other inside and out.  We were the best of friends until we each started to grow up because with growing up, comes growing apart from things that are no longer relevant.  And frustration turned to bitterness. We had a toxic relationship that was once beautiful, and we each were trying to pretend it could still be beautiful when it was never going to be that way again.

Sounds familiar? Take it from me, if the relationship is negatively impacting your life, there is no point in maintaining it. If you don’t let go of the past, the toxicity stays in your life after the relationship has ended, negatively affecting your well-being.

How can you eliminate toxins?

Don’t be frightened of the many toxic things around you.  I found the trick is to avoid those you can and fix the ones you can’t, which just takes practice. Here are my favorite ways to live a toxin free life:

  • Cut down on waste: Use less plastic and packaging.  I keep cloth bags in my car for when I go shopping so I don’t forget them, and I try to store everything in glass containers.  I love the feeling when I help the environment and my hormones and physical body at the same time!
  • Eat Natural: Buy whole foods and read ingredients.  I like to shop around the perimeter of the grocery store and when I do go into the aisles I always read ingredients, so I know what is going into my body.
  • Eat foods with natural detoxing properties: I suggest chlorella and spirulina, deep sea algae that cleanse your body of toxins from both foods and pollution.  Other ones I love include berries, cinnamon, and lemon. My favorite smoothie has spirulina, 1 banana, cinnamon, 1 cup almond milk, ice and a scoop of natural peanut butter that makes a yummy detox smoothie for after a day of not great food choices.
  • If a relationship can’t be fixed, move on:  No grudge.  No time obsessing.  By moving on with my life and forgiving the people who have wronged me I have positively changed. It has made me happier overall as well as more enjoyable to be around because I am not bitter or blocked off to new people.  

When I first started, living toxin free was confusing and seemingly very hard.  But by applying all these things to my everyday life, I have found myself much healthier both mentally and physically.

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