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Never Lose Your Energy Again with These Boosting Tips

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It took you a solid one hour to drag yourself out of the bed this morning. You feel so weak, tired and sluggish throughout the whole day.

Who’s not ever felt lazy and exhausted, really? But we shouldn’t often be. Life is an adventure waiting for you to explore!

Go from zero to I’ll-conquer-the world energy level with these 4 vitality-boosting tips.

Get Enough Sleep


Your bed is the enemy in the morning, but it is the ultimate best friend at night. Restore what has been lost in the day. Rejuvenate your drained body, and relaxed your worn out brain.

For how long? While 7-8 hours of sleep is the most ideal to achieve optimal health, 5-6 hours is good enough to get your brain and body ready to take on another day.


Additionally, make it a goal to get your well-deserved rest early, so you can wake up at sunrise. This will give you time to soak in the first morning light and do at least a 10-minute brisk-walking or jogging. Exercising before breakfast shakes off those sleeping muscles and organs.  Aside from giving you more energy to start, exercise also helps improve your focus.

Schedule Your Day


Plan your day ahead. But don’t just put your plan all in your head. Write a list of the activities you want to do and the goals you want to accomplish before you hit the sack. Put that list in a place where you’d always see it.

When your mind begins to get lost in the haze of exhaustion, you’ll have the list to remind you that you’ve got a game plan to finish. You are responsible for its success... or bitter failure.

Do Something You Really Like


This sounds impossible, with all the work you have to get done with. But doing what you like — or even trying something new — doesn’t need to be complicated and have to hinder your productivity at work. In fact, it can help you do quite the opposite.

When you can feel that you’re about to succumb to the call of the afternoon slump, snap out of it by doing an activity that you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t do, such as that yoga pose you saw on Instagram. Come to think of it, why not dare yourself? Challenging feat would surely pump you up!

How about you doodle on a piece of paper if that is something you really like doing? Those fingers could use a little shake, and you’ll forget you’ve ever wanted to curb up under your desk.

Eat Energy-Boosting Food and Take Supplements

It is so easy to just grab a cup of espresso in the morning — and a few more of latte or macchiato anytime of the day — to kick in your dousing cells with caffeine. But coffee should be the last acquaintance you turn to for help because it will only cover up your sleepiness for several minutes or about an hour if you’ve sipped a strong cup. And have you noticed that everytime you take a sip, you feel more exhausted than ever?

Win your battle with fatigue for real with energy-rich food, and back it up with supplement.

Eat a rainbow of breakfast
. Fuel up in the morning with a pile of colorful, nutritious, unprocessed food. Combine your fruits with complex carbohydrates that will help keep your blood-sugar level stable and prevent energy loss. Good choices of such food are pasta, whole oats, quinoa, sweet potato, pumpkin and whole-grain breads.Fruit_veg_rainbow

Choose snacks and meals that are rich in iron. Iron promotes the production of energy from glucose, which is the main source of fuel for the brain and body. Foods such as eggs, legumes, nuts, red meat and green leafy vegetables will provide you the amount of iron your body needs.

  • Increase your magnesium level. Magnesium is an anti-stress nutrient. It occurs abundantly in many foods, including tofu, seeds, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

  • When lacking, don’t hesitate to take supplements. If you have a low supply of nutrients mentioned above, take supplements. B vitamins, which are responsible for converting your food intake into energy your body can use, is another important vitamin you have to take daily.

    Stock on Spirulina, a freshwater alga that contains vitamins B, C and D, magnesium, zinc, iron, and beta-carotene. You can take this in powder form and add a teaspoon or two to water, juice or smoothies. It is also available in tablet and capsule forms. You can take 10g to 20g of those for daily maintenance.

    Staying awake when your body’s screaming for a nap is surely a tough struggle to defeat. But you can win it with these energy-bolstering weapons.



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