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Small guide to avoid stress

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How many times have you cursed your way through the day? Most probably countless if
you’re stressed out.


There’s a paperwork to finish, a deadline fast approaching (and you’re likely to get hit), a
meeting to attend to, a sink full of dirty dishes from the other day’s dinner or a problem
waiting to explode. Once you get done with one, there’s always something to do next,
and it doesn’t seem to end!

Stress has put a lot of people at the edge of their wits. But its consequences don't just
stop at losing your patience; it can also take a toll on your health and overall well-being.
Squash it before it takes over your life with the 4 tips below.

Smart Food: Eat Right

Healthy food

Many of us don’t realize that our eating behavior doesn’t only affect us physically but

also emotionally. More so, during times of stress and anxiety, we turn to our “comfort
foods” that are often poor in nutrients. Who wouldn’t want a tubful of ice cream, a box
of pizza or a dozen bites of chocolate when you’re so stressed out? But they are so high
in fat content, they can make only make you feel more tired and lethargic.
Instead of merely covering up the havoc you’re feeling, deal with it head on without
sacrificing your immune system and overall health. Eat smart and healthy, and avoid
foods that are high in fat, sugar, and caffeine.

What to eat instead? Take note of the following munchable the next time you’re
High-carbohydrate foods: Scientists found out that carbohydrates stimulate
the production of serotonin, the hormone that relaxes and boosts mood.
Numerous studies proved that when this hormone increases, people under stress
regain and even improve their cognitive function. Sweet potatoes are an example
of nutritious carb-rich food.
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential acids known to reduce anxiety and stress.
Avocado, salmon and other fatty fish are good sources of these amazing nutrients.
Caffeine-free, herbal tea: Have you ever noticed the soothing effect of a warm
cup of drink before the morning starts or to end an exhausting day? Herbal tea,
especially lavender and chamomile, can calm and relax nerves.

Get Active in Any Sports

Get Active

There are many coping techniques you can do to manage stress, but one of the most
recommended by experts and health professionals is exercise. Take that up a notch and
make it more interesting than running on a treadmill in the gym by doing your favorite

Sports and other physical activities have many physical benefits, and science has long
established them. But sports also promote mental fitness. “Healthy body, health mind”
is a line you may have heard countless times. Studies proved that any sports —
especially those that require moderate to high physical effort — can improve alertness,
reduce fatigue, and enhance cognitive function.

Endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, and mood-boosters are chemicals that are
produced when you’re doing sports and exercises. Scientists had long found that these
chemicals can greatly stabilize mood and improve sleep. If you’re well rested, you’re
most likely to be less grumpy throughout the day.

Do a Hobby You Love


You do what you love, and you’ll never get the tired living. But if your work is the least
things you would consider a hobby, every day can be so stressful. Don’t give up on things
you are passionate about doing, though. Allot some time for it because your hobbies provide
you that slice of freedom from your daily work and responsibilities. This sense of
renewed freedom and meaningful purpose in your hobby can minimize the impact of
chronic stress.

Take Stress-Relieving Supplements


When stress becomes too overwhelming, supplements can help fix it. The therapeutic
doses of these supplements in combination with healthy diet and lifestyle can
dramatically improve your mental health.

Here are some supplements for stress recommended by many health professionals:
Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain that helps control your sleep
patterns. Sleep and mood are closely connected, so supplementing with this
substance can alleviate stress.
Magnesium is essential for healthy muscle and nerve functions. Some research
also found that this mineral can regulate our body’s response to stress.
Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. This substance is often used for
treating high blood pressure and even anxiety.
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is a chemical found in the brain. It is taken as a
supplement to improve mood, treat symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder and relieve stress.

No matter how hard we try for stress to stay out of the doors of our life, eliminating it
once and for all is impossible. It stays lurking behind the shadows and is always ready to
take a plunge into your daily discourse. Don’t let it eat out your happiness. Do the above
guide to keep it at bay.

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