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Ten Ways To Relieve The Arthritis in Knee Naturally

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I always used to think that arthritis is an age-related disease that I don’t have to care about before I’d sit in a rocking chair to knit. But the truth is arthritis can affect you at any age.

That is why you should do preventive care long before you have the first symptoms. Here is a number of my personal recommendations that I consider an essential part of any approach to treat arthritis naturally.

By Heather Neves

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful and inflammatory condition that causes pain in the joints. There are different types of arthritis that often results in stiffness and pain. The common arthritis is known as the Osteoarthritis that is caused in the knees and other joints.
As you age, it gets worse and causes the tear in the tissues. Doctors treat the patient by giving medicines and painkillers. Nevertheless, remember, the medicines can also cause side effects. Hence, we can treat arthritis in knee naturally to with few remedies.
Before, trying out any of the ways, we would highly recommend you to undergo through clinical monitoring and consult the doctor.

  1. Weight Loss. Having excessive weight is the primary reason for having health-related problems. Hence, engage in the activities that will help you in reducing weight. The more weight you have, the more pressure will be on joints, knees, and hips. Therefore, eat a healthy diet to make an impact on weight loss. You can also enhance your diet with fat-burning and metabolism boosting remedies like Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee.  


  1. Exercise. To have a fit and healthy body is much needed when you have arthritis. But one needs to be extra cautious while carrying out the exercises. Indulge in the exercises that do not give you much stress to the knees and take supportive workout nutrients like L-arginine and CLA. You can consult a fitness expert who will explain to you about the few exercises. In addition, you can try yoga poses for the relief in the knee. 

  1. In taking a natural source of calcium. Calcium is the core source for the bones. When there is a lack of calcium in the body, then it starts extracting from the bones. Hence, opt for a diet where you can have calcium included in the diet. Milk, dairy-related items, bananas, and all such food items have calcium. Therefore, make a proper diet plan that intakes the natural source of calcium. 
  1. Hot and cold packs. Hot and cold packs are an effective remedy for getting relief in arthritis. If there’s no swelling then you can use the hot or cold packs. It will help you in circulating the blood. Besides, you can also take the long hot shower baths in the morning to ease the stiffness and pain in the knees. To keep the joints loose and mobile use the electric pads. If there’s swelling or inflammation in the knees the use the ice-pack wrapped in the towel. Apply it to the joint where you feel pain. 
  1. Mental Health. As much as your health and fitness matters, it is crucial to keep your brain healthy. At times it happens that when you come to know about arthritis, it may make you feel depressed thinking of not getting recovery ever. But, that’s not true. In fact, you can actually get cured even if you have arthritis. Try practicing the mediation to keep your mental health in a happy state. Calm down your anxiety with breathing techniques. You can also try some natural stress-relieving remedies like Saffron milk for example. 

  1. Wearing Splints and Braces. One of the top recommendations by the doctors is to wear splints and braces. You can get it from the nearby store and wear it. It will give you relief. Try not to sleep while wearing the splints and braces. 
  1. Balanced diet. A balanced diet will lead you to a healthy life. Hence, give up the junk, greasy, and oily food. You can consult a dietician and have a diet plan. Moreover, have healthy fats, nuts, extra supplements that will give you all the minerals and nourishment to the body. 

  1. Learning the correct posture and support. Learn how to take a step while walking, stairs, everything. Remember, your posture mattes a lot. You can also follow the ergonomics and support to prevent the injuries. 
  1. Massage and aromatherapy. One hour of massage therapy once a week will give you help you in soothing down the pain in knees. It will also boost up the mobility. You have a massage it gently not too harshly. Light strokes on the knee will stimulate the blood flow thereby making the joints comfort. Aromatherapy is the latest in the trend. You can use essential oils for the aromatherapy and go to a spa. Lavender or any fragrance oil and add it to the bath and get benefits. 
  1. Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that gives you a soothing and calming effect on the body. Go for guidance under a trained and certified Tai Chi expert for relieving the pain in the knees.

Do you find these tips to be useful? Or you have your own proven remedies to treat arthritis? Share them in comments below and stay healthy!


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