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The Beneficial Effects of Turmeric on Mental Health

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Have you ever felt the hopelessness, sleepless nights, and mental anguish of depression? If so, you no doubt searched far and wide for a treatment that could work for you.

Perhaps you found a medication that left you with horrible side effects, or maybe you didn't find a cure at all. Either way, you may be surprised when you learn about my experience with turmeric supplements.

How I found my perfect depression remedy

I have had a tough battle with depression for many years, yet for the longest time I wasn't able to find a treatment plan that satisfied my needs. No matter what combination of therapies or medications I used, my health was never truly in good shape.

Eventually, I had had enough of the side effects my medications gave me, and after a bit of research on more natural alternatives to antidepressants, I happily stumbled upon turmeric supplements.


What immediately stood out to me was the fact that the main active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is capable of boosting serotonin and dopamine while inhibiting monoamine oxidase enzymes (responsible for removing serotonin and dopamine).

The lack of serotonin and dopamine is a key factor of depression, and another one is low levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF is a growth hormone that promotes the health of brain circuits involved in emotional and cognitive function.

Curcumin has been proven to support higher levels of BDNF, and, according to some studies, it works just as well as antidepressant drugs. If you are currently taking an antidepressant drug, adding turmeric supplements to your routine can boost the medication's efficiency.

Now, can you see why I was intrigued by the thought of trying out turmeric for my depression? On top of doing the important things that chemical antidepressants can do, turmeric also comes with no harmful side effects!

Just a few short weeks after I began taking turmeric supplements daily, I noticed a positive uplift in my mood and energy levels. I no longer struggled to accomplish my simple tasks, my relationships began to improve, and my outlook on life was clearer.

I was even excited to go into work in the mornings! With a large portion of my depression gone, it became so much easier for me to focus on my responsibilities and meet my goals. My work efficiency increased, as did my desire to learn new skills and cultivate hobbies.

Not only have turmeric supplements greatly improved my mental health, but their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have also diminished my aches and pains and protected my body against harmful free radicals.

All that being said, it is extremely important for you to only buy a turmeric supplement that contains the full amount of curcumin! Many companies employ misleading titles to make you believe you're getting a top-quality product.

If the label specifies 500 mg of turmeric extract, make sure that includes 500 mg of curcumin. Also, to ensure the full absorption of curcumin, it is vital to take piperine along with it! So you should choose a supplement that contains piperine, also known as BioPerine.

What I think at the end

In conclusion, my only regret about including turmeric in my supplement routine is that I didn't do it sooner. I implore you to give turmeric a try! If your experience is anything like mine has been, I'm sure you'll be nothing but wholly satisfied.


-Created by Emily Williams, a dietitian, blogger and health enthusiast

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