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Ultimate Detox Rules

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The end of the year is coming up, and while we can smell the holiday season (and hopefully a bit of rest), these last few months often tend to be the most stressful time of year. We don’t eat right, are tempted by fatty, sugary, and processed holiday foods, all resulting in a weakened immune system and, thus, a seasonal cold or flu.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to look to detoxing to boost your health and improve the way you feel, inside and out.

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing, or detoxification, is the process by which put body turs toxic, damaging substances into less damaging forms or a form that is more easily eliminated by the body through digestive end-products or sweat.

So to get a bit technical, the name for the process by which a body reaches balance and has achieved optimal health is called homeostasis. Homeostasis can be upset by physical, chemical, and biological process, some of which produce substances that, when are found in large quantities in the body, causes stress on the organs and organ systems.

In laymen’s terms, toxic substances caused by the things we eat, the environment, and negative feelings and emotions can make us sick.

Detoxing is your body’s way of regaining that balance. This is why it is so importance to support healthy detoxification, especially by supporting liver and kidney health, since they are the main organs that are responsible for getting rid of toxins.

Detox Rules:

Some of the most effective ways to support your body’s natural detoxification systems include:

  • Eating clean: lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
  • Drink lots of water: water is important to help flush out your system.

  • Exercising: the blood flow, energy use, and recovery is important for supporting a healthy system.
  • Sleeping: sleep deprivation causes major stress on your body.

  • Reducing emotional and psychological stress: anxiety puts your body in a state of constant stress.
  • Achieving a healthy weight: habits that lead to weight gain and obesity are the same habits that can cause excess toxins to circulate in the body.
  • Supplements: If the above methods aren’t working for you, or if you need additional support, there are some supplements that can support the detoxification process.

Detox Don’ts

If you have committed to supporting your body’s detoxification, avoid the following:

  • Overdoing the sugary sweets and treats. Halloween and Christmas are the most tempting seasons, but excess sugar can be very damaging to your health, and it also provides almost no vitamins or minerals.

  • Sitting around: Cozying up on the couch is great for destressing after a long week, but make sure to balance it out with physical activity.
  • Getting caught up in the stress. If you don’t find all the ingredients for the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, don’t stress. Look for alternative solutions, but avoid unnecessary stress at all times (read our guide how to avoid stress here).

Why You Focus on Detoxing the Autumn

Autumn is a time when all of the trees are shedding their leaves in preparation for a new start at the beginning of the year. This is something that you can do as well. As mentioned before, the end of the year is a wonderful time, but it is also often one of the most stressful seasons. You are going to need all of the support you can get, and you definitely cannot afford to get sick.

Supporting your body’s detoxification process is the perfect way to ensure your body is in tip-top shape for this crazy time of year.

Supplements to Support Natural Detoxing

  • Chlorella: There is evidence that taking chlorella can help to remove heavy metals from the body. If you have eaten a lot of processed foods and seafood, this could be the right supplement for you.
  • Spirulina: Alternative medicine has recommended spirulina as an agent to help detoxify the body and support the immune system. A double-whammy to support you this flu season!

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  • Colon Detox: The supplement contains a range of natural supplements that help to support a healthy colon, while boosting the immune system and providing antioxidants.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Garcinia not only helps you achieve a healthy weight, but it also helps to balance the negative effects that can be caused by a poor diet.


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Bonus: Digital Detoxing

In this article, we have talked almost exclusively about biological detoxification. However, it is worth noting the importance of digital detoxing as well. A study found that people check their phone a minimum of 85 times a day. With so many computers, televisions, tablets and phones all around us, taking a break could be beneficial for our mental health and social relationships.


Detoxing cannot be solved by buying a magical juice to drink. However, there are several actions you can take that can help support a healthy detoxification process.

What are your detoxification tricks? Share them with us below! We’d love to hear them!

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