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L-Arginine Essential Amino Acid

  • SUPERIOR FORMULA: Contains 400mg L Arginine energy booster to increase blood flow per capsule. Also contains 30mg Niacin and 200mg L Citrulline for even more energy, lean muscle, and vascularity. 1340 mg essential amino acids per serving!
  • BOOST WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: High quality L-Arginine can boost energy for both men and women. It also helps the body create protein. You’ll train harder, get more lean muscle, and look better faster.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The amino acids in this supplement are non-GMO, GMP approved, 3rd party tested and made in the USA. If they don’t increase your performance, we’ll give you a full refund. Order now!
  • IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW AND VASCULARITY: If you want that essential, ripped, highly vascular look then this supplement can help. You’ll feel pumped and your veins will pop out of your skin.
  • INCREASE BEDROOM VITALITY: L Argenine increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including the place where it counts most for men. You’ll boost your stamina and stay harder for longer.


Follow these guidelines for optimal results: 1. Take two capsules twice a day (four in total per day) 2. Best taken 20-30 minutes before your morning and evening meal 3. Consume with 8oz of water (or as directed by your health professional) Remember: Don't exceed the daily recommended dose of four capsules per day. This supplement is potent.

Each serving (two capsules) of L-Arginine contains: L-Arginine AKG Extract 400mg, L-Arginine 2:1 Extract 400mg, L-Citruline 200mg, L-Citruline Malate Extract 200mg, Niacin 30mg, Calcium (Calcium Carbonate) 30mg, Beta Alanine, Also contains: Cellulose (Vegetable/Vegetarian Capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

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